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Business collar shirts began as a formal garment in the workplace and have since experienced numerous transformations, including the production of more

Kinds of Men's Business Collar Shirts


Business collar shirts began as a formal garment in the workplace and have since experienced numerous transformations, including the production of more casual styles. However, different business collar shirt styles share many attributes that include a collar, a full-length front opening that fastens with buttons, and long sleeves that end with cuffs.

The Point Collar

Point collar business shirts Hobbs camelia pink/black Summer dress SHANNON are by far the most popular style for men, as this style is found on over three-quarters of all men’s business collar shirts. Each variation of the point collar shirt offers established neutrality, which is an important feature for men who want to dress conservatively in the workplace or at business conferences. The collar on each variation is cut to an extent that the points are MICHAEL Michael Kors oyster Handbag PORTIA close enough together to partially obscure the top portions of ties. On some versions, Top & T-shirts the collar is longer and it has closely set points that draw the eyes down the tie and away from the face. Point collars look best on men who possess rounder facial features.

Classic Straight Point Collar

The classic straight point collar business shirt is known for its clearly discernible small spread between the collar points. This variation has a 1.9 cm tie space and a collar point length of 6.8 cm. The collar parts on the classic straight point collar can be adjusted to match a man’s neck size. However, collar adjustments should take into account the integrity of the shirt and the framing of a man’s face.

Narrow Straight Point Collar

This version of the point collar has a smaller collar point spread than the classic straight point collar. The smaller spread accentuates the lack of necktie space. Collar point lengths run close to 8.2 cm, which manufacturers create to make a round-faced man look less rotund.

Button Down Point Collar

Men wear button-down point collar business shirts in less formal working environments, such as during off-site conferences and trade association meetings. This type of collar possesses small button holes that sit at the end of each collar point. Although button-down collar business shirts can be worn with a tie, men typically eschew the tie for a more casual appearance. The collar buttons should always remain fastened.

Spread Collar

The second most popular business collar shirt for men contains a spread collar. About 20 per cent of men who wear business collar shirts choose this style. The collar points cut away from the collar, hence the name spread collar. This style of business collar point shirt reveals more of the upper shirt around a man’s chest and neck. It also provides more room for larger tie knots, such as the Windsor. As with the point collar, spread collars come in a number of widths that include slightly flared point collars and nearly horizontal point collars. The dimensions that work with spread collars depend upon body proportion and personal preferences. Wider collar spreads create a fuller body appearance on thinner men. Men who have rounder faces should avoid spread collars, unless they wear this style with a colourful tie.

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