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Step 1: Figure Your SizeMeasure the circumference of your neck.Take the measurement low on the neck, where the collar of a shirt sits, and add 1/4″Arsenal fans turn on Alexis Sanchez after he goes full Rivaldo d

How To Buy A Men's Dress Shirt


Step 1: Figure Your Size

Measure the circumference of your neck.
Take the measurement low on the neck, where the collar of a shirt sits, and add 1/4″ to the measurement for breathing room.
Round your neck measurement up to the nearest half-inch. Off-the-rack shirts won’t be sized any more precisely than that.
Record your collar size: __________
Measure the sleeve length with your arm held lightly at your side. Start the tape measure at nape of the neck and measure all the way down the top/outside of the arm to the end of the wrist.
Round your sleeve measurement to the nearest inch.
Record your sleeve size: __________

The two numbers you have recorded will be your ready-to-wear shirt size. Most are listed with the neck size first, and many give a Slim Jeans short range of sleeve lengths, so a typical tag might read something like “15 1/2 32-33,” for a neck size of fifteen and a half inches and a sleeve length of around thirty-two or thirty-three inches.

Step 2: Select a collar style

Button-down — sturdy but casual; not appropriate for business formality Point — the basic turndown shirt collar
Spread — a wider-spread point collar, Marc O'Polo washed moss Denim skirt with the points more than 90 degrees apart
Club — an uncommon style of rounded collar, rather than pointed
Mandarin — a stiff collar that does not turn down
Pin — a point collar held closed by a separate metal pin; only worn with ties
Tab — a point collar held closed with tabs under the collar; only worn with ties.

Select a cuff style

Single barrel — Aigner fango Across body bag ZOE the most typical style, with a plain, buttoning cuff
Double French — A doubled-over style sealed with cufflinks rather than a button
Double barrel — An uncommon doubled-over style with built-in buttons
Single French — Single cuff sealed with cufflinks; rare outside of formal (tuxedo) shirts

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