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While the style of collar plays a significant role in choosing a business shirt, other factors come into play that may influence the final

How to Buy a Business Collar Shirt


While the style of collar plays a significant role in choosing a business shirt, other factors come into play that may influence the final decision.


The colour design chosen depends largely upon the environment in which the shirt is worn. For example, job interviewees should wear toned down business collar shirts, while business executives can wear brighter colours that convey a more lively image. Conservative colours include dark blue, light blue, and off-white. Men looking for unconventional colours should select green, orange, and pink business collar shirts.


Solid colour patterns, no matter how bright or conservative, allow men to match a larger variety of ties with their business collar shirts. Therefore, men should start building their business collar shirt wardrobes with solid colour patterns. Then, they can move on to choosing striped or plaid patterns. Striped business collar shirts provide Dolce&Gabbana grey Sunglasses men with more tie matching possibilities than plaid shirts.


Style should be the third factor considered for choosing a business collar shirt. It is easier to find the right style after men decide on the colour and colour pattern. For instance, wide spread collar business shirts do not offer as many colour and colour pattern options as classic straight point collar shirts. This is because of the much lower demand for wide spread collars. Remember to link collar style with facial features and body proportion.


The fabric or fabric blend chosen for business collar shirts largely comes down to personal preference. Silk business collar shirts present a more upscale image, AllSaints dark blue Tote bag FLEUR DE LIS while linen shirts breathe well and possess high durability. Oxford business collar shirts have become popular because of the trend for business professionals to Polo Shirts wear more casual business attire in certain situations. Cotton provides supreme comfort, though cotton business collar shirts need to be dry cleaned to prevent the colours from running or fading.


Men should utilise the service of a tailor who has experience fitting men for business collar shirts. Tailors accurately measure neck, chest, and sleeve sizes, as well as offer valuable input about which type of collar matches facial features and body proportions. Men can research business collar shirts online before receiving a fit or refer to a size chart provided by a tailor.

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