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I have had bipolar disorder for a long time, though I was only diagnosed two years ago.It turns out Weetabix makes a cheaper own-brand version for Asda and

7 people open up about how mental illness has affected their rel


I have had bipolar disorder for a By Malene Birger black Jersey dress ULLIN long time, though I was only diagnosed two years ago.It turns out Weetabix makes a cheaper own-brand version for Asda and TescoI have bipolar type 1, which means I have more manic episodes than low - though, when I'm low, I feel as though it's the end of the world.Bipolar disorder has dramatically affected my relationships. My relationships have always been incredibly intense, and somewhat toxic. As I was undiagnosed for such a long time, I was un-medicated - and therefore the bipolar was at its worst.

When I was manic, I was severely irritable - and I could go from 1-100 in terms of anger within a couple of minutes. Arguments turned into screaming matches, and I would become dangerous. I'd throw things and scream until my throat went numb. I'd turn little things into huge things, and I'd say terrible things that I didn't mean.I'd often deal with my anger by self-harming, which would make my partner feel uncomfortable and upset, knowing they were unable to hate me. Basically, I was a living with a volcano - ready to erupt at any time.Even after calming down, it would take days, sometimes weeks to get back on track, depending on how big my outburst was.And, when I was especially manic, I couldn't accept that things were my fault.

I was in denial, and therefore things took even longer to fix.When I was finally diagnosed, I was put on a series of mood Hano' Hugo Boss Shorts Slim Fit, Stretch Cotton Shorts Red stabilisers and anti-psychotics, and now my bipolar disorder is under control. Of course, I still have episodes, but I'm not the angry person I was before.Accepting medication has been the best, safest choice I've ever made - and has allowed me to learn how to deal with things in ways other than anger and Cocktail Dresses frustration.But of course, everyone deals with their mental illness in different ways - and every relationship when living with someone who has a mental illness is different too.

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